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Dr. Deborah V. Burrus

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  Deborah V. Burrus is a highly motivated woman of God who has dedicated her life to serving the people of God with love, integrity and transparency. Motivated by street witnessing and the prison ministry, Deborah developed a passion for women that had been victimized by the negative forces of life.  The more she heard their stories, the more she knew that she had to do something. 

As she prayed, God led her to start a support group in her home for women.  Many blessings of healing, deliverance, and restoration came out of these meetings. As she prayed and studied the word of God with them, their lives began to change.   Little did she realize where all of this would eventually lead. 

In 1996 Deborah enrolled in the United Baptist College & Seminary of Baltimore, Maryland and earned her bachelor of arts degree in Theology.  This would later prove instrumental in furthering the work God was calling her to do.


As the passion for being involved in God’s work continued to grow, Deborah would host workshops and retreats and the response would be overwhelming.   She learned that women needed to feel loved, appreciated and encouraged in order to make the necessary adjustments that would bring about the changes in their lives.  There is no greater joy than seeing your sisters healed and moving forward.

Deborah’s positions in her career as an Employee Development and Training Specialist, Human Resource Specialist, and Training Supervisor would prove to be the training ground that would afforded her the opportunity to become a mentor to many of the women she employed.  Women would seek her out to discuss their problems and the Lord gave her wisdom to guide them.

To further her education, Deborah enrolled in the National Christian Counselor Association, Temperament Therapy Counseling program, under the umbrella of Family Bible Ministries, Apostle Eddie Montgomery, President,  and became a Certified Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor where she continues to provide counseling and guidance, through her “Heart Matters” program, to women of all walks of life.

She is the author of “When Women Weep”, a message of inspiration and hope for the wounded at heart and a supporter of local female ministry groups that address the needs of today’s woman 

In 2003, God called Deborah to the pastorate position where she serves as Senior Pastor of the Greater Faith Tabernacle Church of Baltimore, Maryland, under the covering of the United Church of Jesus Christ, Apostolic, Bishop Monroe R. Saunders, Jr., Presiding Prelate, along with her husband Leon.  They are committed to bringing restoration, and healing to the church family and community at large.  They conduct regular in reach and outreach projects that address areas such as spiritual wholeness, education, physical wellness, homelessness, and programs for youth, seniors and others as deemed necessary. 

Her favorite quote, “It’s not about me, it’s about Jesus Christ” speaks volumes about her sacrifice and love for God and His people. 

Senior Pastor

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